at the farmers market: jalapenos

A kitten on fire

A baby in a blender

Both sound as sweet as a night of surrender

I know it ain’t easy but you do what you can

If your livin’ gets weezy you can follow this plan

“Into the Woods” by My Morning Jacket


Well, not really at the farmers market but from the front yard garden.  We had a bountiful harvest from our jalapeno plant this year, my only complaint was they were not very spicy. Anyone know why?

Some of my favorite blogs do jalapenos:

Beetses: Jambalaya

Closet Cooking: Cranberry Chutney

Food Loves Writing: Homemade Ketchup

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2 responses to “at the farmers market: jalapenos

  1. Dale

    Plant a Habenero in the middle of your Jalapenos and the Bees will fix your problem for you next spring. This method works well with all manner of Bell Peppers also to add a little ZING to them.

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