beef back ribs

Will you find another sweetheart

In some far and distant land

Sad and lonely now I wonder

If our boat will ever land

Ships may ply the stormy ocean

And planes may fly the stormy sky

I’m sad and lonely but remember

Oh I’ll love you till I die

“At My Window Sad and Lonely” by Wilco

A little inspiration for the Labor Day holiday! These caveman ribs are full of juicy meat and have a great smokey flavor. The ribs are done when the meat substantially pulls away from the end of the rib (1/2 inch or more) and when pulling on a bone, the meat has a slight resistance before it tears.


1 Whole 7 bone slab of beef ribs (or more)
Your favorite barbecue rub
¾ cup barbecue sauce
½ stick butter
1-2 tablespoons honey to taste
1 tablespoon cider vinegar to taste


1.Remove membrane and excess fat from ribs
2. Season ribs with rub by sprinkling rub on both sides
3. Make glaze by combining barbecue sauce, butter, honey and cider vinegar in a small sauce pan over low heat
4. Smoke ribs membrane(less) side down with apple and hickory chips for 6-7 1/2 hours at 225-250 F
5. In the last hour glaze and then glaze and cook for 20 minutes

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  1. Ed

    I immediately get an erection thinking about your food! Give me a call when you can!

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