Minneapolis, Minnesota Events: A Wonderful Blend of Music, Literature & Family Fun

When you think about Minneapolis, Minnesota events, you may be tempted to think about cold weather events. After all, Minneapolis is one of the colder cities in the United States. There is much to do throughout the year in this northern city, however. It just depends on where you look. Just about every weekend will bring you some sort of activity that is taking place in Minneapolis. There are Minneapolis events that are ideal for the entire family to enjoy. They consist of musical events, literature events, outdoor activities and fairs. Virtual Assistant Philippines

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mary Tyler Moore Days

This is one of the most unusual of the Minneapolis, Minnesota events in that it celebrates the fictional character of Mary Richards from the Mary Tyler Moore Show. This is an event that takes place annually, although the time and date changes from year to year. It is sponsored by the Mary Tyler Moore Fan Club and consists of a convention dedicated to the 1970s sitcom as well as a tour past the sites that are depicted in the opening credits of the show. If you are a fan of the Mary Tyler Moore show, you will enjoy Mary Tyler Moore Days. Minnesota Real Estate Continuing Education Courses Online

Minneapolis Folk Festival

Do you like folk music? If so, you will enjoy the annual Minneapolis Folk Festival that takes place the first weekend of August every year. This festival pays homage to folk music that is native to this area of the state and consists of mostly German folk music. Minneapolis is an area that was heavily settled by those of German descent and the culture shows in this folk festival. This is an event that is ideal for the entire family and the tickets are very inexpensively priced.

Book Fair

In August of every year, the downtown area of Minneapolis is abuzz with literary figures as the annual book festival gets under way. The annual book festival is one of the high points of the literary world in Minneapolis and is attended by authors as well as professionals in the literary world. Whether you like to read or have aspirations to be a writer, you can have fun at the annual Book Fair. Remote Staffing

Minneapolis Days Fair

The Minneapolis Days Fair takes place every summer during Memorial Day weekend in Minneapolis at the fair grounds. This fair consists of fair food, games, crafts and carnival rides. There is also a chance to ride in a hot air balloon and you can watch hot air balloon races at this fair. If you are looking for a family fun event to attend during Memorial Day weekend, you can find it when you attend the Minneapolis Days Fair. Learn To Play Piano

Minneapolis is a fun city to visit whether or not you are visiting on your own or with family. There are many Minneapolis, Minnesota events occurring throughout the year, some of them family oriented and some are unique to this area of the country. When you visit Minneapolis, be sure to check out the Minneapolis, Minnesota events that are occurring during your visit.

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